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Re: Emacs Webapp/Plugin

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Emacs Webapp/Plugin
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2012 13:06:22 -0400

    > For one thing, I am concerned people might use it in Chrome, which
    > is nonfree software with a universal back door.  If that caught on,
    > it would be a disaster in terms of our primary goal: giving users
    > freedom.

    Wait, doesn't Emacs run on lots of nonfree systems?

Yes, it does.  However, in this scenario, Emacs would do less of the
job than it does now, and would depend on more proprietary software.
That is a step in the wrong direction.

    >     The underlying premise is that there are no "desktop" apps
    >     available on this imagined system, just web apps and browser
    >     plugins.

    > That IS a disaster, in terms of users' freedom.  It pushes users
    > into total dependence on servers.

    What if it's their server ...?

IF it is the user's own server, there's nothing wrong with using using
that server.  But that is not the way Google intends Chromeboxes to be
used, not probably the way most people will use them.

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