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Re: The rest of xVARs

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: The rest of xVARs
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 11:18:26 -0400
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>>>>> I can't continue without solving (B|K)VARs issue, and X = B->field/
>>>>> BSET(B, field, X) is enough for my purposes;
>>>> You can split the BVAR into a BGET and BSET for now.
>>> OK, the patch is > 200K uncompressed.
>> Here's a simpler solution: split BVAR into BVAR and BSET.  I'm sure the
>> patch will substantially smaller and hence cause much fewer conflicts.
> OK

Looks good, feel free to install.

>> Stefan "tired of resolving cosmetic conflicts with your patches"
> Coccinelle tends to eat spaces and tabs (especially between function
> name and '(' opens an argument list),so I do quite a lot of manual
> adjustments to fit our coding style; but sometimes I can miss the
> poorly formatted entry :-(.

You've done a great job of adjusting it seems, since all the conflicts
I got were always due to real (tho usually cosmetic, such as
introducing/removing FVAR) changes.

        Stefan "hovering between 1MB and 2MB of local changes, many of
                them cosmetic"

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