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Re: Interpretation of a space in regexp isearch?

From: Dani Moncayo
Subject: Re: Interpretation of a space in regexp isearch?
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 17:19:44 +0200

> I committed a change to trunk to make non-regexp isearch match multiple
> spaces via search-spaces-regexp.
> As for regexp isearch, it seems disruptive to remove the feature now,
> since some some users might have grown to rely on it.  So I left regexp
> isearch alone (i.e. it still does the multiple spaces matching).
> It is now possible to change the variable `search-whitespace-regexp' and
> give it a cons cell value, which specifies different behaviors for
> ordinary and regexp isearch.

Thank's Chong.

While testing your change, I've noticed a couple of things that I'd
like to understand:

1. Info mode has its own variable `Info-search-whitespace-regexp'.
Why is it necessary?  I guess there's a reason (which I don't know by
now) so it seems that your change should also affect to this variable.

2. Why don't you include \n and \r by default in the regexp?  IMO
that'd be TRT for most users.


Dani Moncayo

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