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completion-cycle-threshold=t in shell completion

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: completion-cycle-threshold=t in shell completion
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2012 14:28:01 -0400
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When completion-cycle-threshold is nil, completion completes to the
largest common prefix and the second TAB would bring up a *Completion*
E.g., if I have two buffers "abc1" and "abc2", type C-x b ab TAB then I
"ab" is completed to "abc" and further TAB will bring up *Completion*
window with "abc1" and "abc2".
Similarly, "shell completion" (TAB in a shell buffer and while typing
compile command) would complete bash-style.
This is good.

When completion-cycle-threshold is t: in the situation above, TAB would
complete to "abc1" and further TABs would cycle between "abc1" and
"abc2".  This is also fine.

However, "shell completion" is now broken with
completion-cycle-threshold = t:

If I have two files abc1 and abc2 in the current directory and I type
"ls ab TAB" in the shell buffer (or while entering a compile command for
a buffer in that directory), I get "ls abc1 " and further tabs will try
completing from "", not cycle the previous file name between "abc1" and
"abc2". So, if I am unhappy with the TAB completion result, I have to
manually delete the result with DEL and enter the right file.

Is this a know bug?
Is there a workaround?


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