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up & down keys in Dired [was: M-= in Dired]

From: Drew Adams
Subject: up & down keys in Dired [was: M-= in Dired]
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 08:29:08 -0700

> Any chance of removing the re-binding of `up' and `down' so that point
> doesn't warp to the beginning of the file names at the same time?
> That's also annoying.

(Please start a new thread (subject line) when you change the subject.)

You give no reason whatsoever for your proposal, other than that something
annoys you.

I, for one, am not annoyed by up/down, n/p, and C-n/C-p staying at the beginning
of file names.  Quite the contrary.  What is your problem?

If I ever needed to move point vertically in another column, I would just turn
on `wdired' on for the duration.  (You might want to bind `wdired' to a key, to
help you deal with your annoyance.)  But frankly, though I use Dired a lot, I
never seem to have a need to do that.

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