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Re: parallel compilation --with-ns

From: Sudish Joseph
Subject: Re: parallel compilation --with-ns
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 14:25:55 -0400
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chad <address@hidden> writes:
> Under macosx (i.e. --with-ns), I've tried using 'make -j4' off
> and on over the years, and frequently run into problems during
> the build. I end up without a complete nextstep/Emacs.app most of
> the time, and it seems to be a problem with directories not being
> created before one of the workers wants to use it. Three
> questions:
> 1.) Is the ns-app code known to be unable to use parallel
>     compilation?

I was doing regular make -j8 builds of the ns port up until a few months
ago and had no problems with it.

> 2.) Does it matter that I do full rebuilds each time, starting
>     with autogen.sh and ending with make bootstrap install)?

Here's the essence of the function I use to build the ns port.

sj_emacsbuild () {
  local build_dir
  rm -rf sj-build.*
  sh ./autogen.sh
  mkdir $build_dir || {
    echo "couldn't mkdir $build_dir: $!"
    return 1
  cd $build_dir
  env "address@hidden" ../configure "address@hidden" && nice -n 20 make -j8 && 
nice -n 20 make install

I then copy over Emacs.app to ~/Applications using a separate func.

You don't need to do a explicit make bootstrap, iirc.
"make maintainer-clean && make -j8" does a full build.

I used to have "git clean -xfd" in the build func above but didn't
adjust for that when switching to the bzr tree.  I.e., full builds
should work in parallel with the ns port.


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