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texinfo question about `...' and links - possible enhancement?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: texinfo question about `...' and links - possible enhancement?
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 13:24:49 -0700

There are lots of places in the Emacs manuals (esp. Elisp) where we mention a
function, macro, variable, etc. `...', which is documented elsewhere in the
manual, and we follow the `...' with a cross reference to that doc.

See, for instance, `(elisp) Type Predicates', which looks like this:

   Here is a table of predefined type predicates, in
 alphabetical order, with references to further information.

      see atom.

      see arrayp.

      see bool-vector-p.

      see bufferp.

      see byte-code-function-p.

      see case-table-p.

      see char-or-string-p.

and so on.

It would be less noisy and easier to read if the `...' were themselves simply
links, so that instead of "`foo' see foo." you would see just "`foo'", with
"foo" highlighted as a link:


etc.  Would such an enhancement be feasible?

I assume this would mean somehow stating, in texinfo, that you wanted the thingy
occurrence to be both between `...' and a link (in Emacs).  I.e., you would ask
for this treatment explicitly whenever you wanted it, providing the link target
node, just as you do now for the "see...".

Another possibility might be to provide such linking automatically, based on the
presence of such a term in the index.  In that case, whenever foo is indexed, a
mention of `foo' in the manual would link to the same target location as the foo
index entry does.  If automatic, there should probably be a way to override that
(turn it off for one or for all occurrences).

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