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package.el changes before the feature freeze

From: Daniel Hackney
Subject: package.el changes before the feature freeze
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 12:58:47 -0400

I hadn't known about the feature freeze until I checked the mailing list
yesterday. I'm working on changes to package.el to make it more flexible
and resolve some of the existing problems it has (failing installs with
"file exists," leftover -autoloads.el files, including elisp files in
nested directories, enabling gzipped tarballs, etc.). I have the basic
infrastructure in place, but need to test it before I'd be comfortable
having people use it.

Not all of those features will be done soon, but much of the refactored
base (using `defstruct' for package descriptors instead of the variety
of `cons'ed vectors) is in place. Could I get a few extra days to get
this tested?

My work is here: https://github.com/haxney/package

P.S. I am not subscribed to the list, so please CC me in any replies.

Daniel Hackney

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