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Re: Modified keypad keys

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Modified keypad keys
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2012 11:03:01 -0400
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> When simply adding `shift' to the list of modifiers in
> it will turn `S-kp-home' into `home' via `S-home'.

Yup.  The only way to really get it right is to decide dynamically
whether to turn S-kp-home into S-home or kp-home, based on whether
there is an S-home or a kp-home binding.

>> These are very different remappings, which seemed to be aimed at
>> reimplementing what your low-level keyboard code already provides.
> So remappings like S-kp-7 => S-home should be still used
> when low-level keyboard code doesn't translate them?

Not sure, but that was the intention of the code, it seems.

> But I don't know how to detect this configuration when
> low-level keyboard code doesn't supports such translation.

I think we don't need to provide this feature anymore and can simply
expect that if the user wants it, he'll have to rely on his OS to do it.


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