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Re: [PATCH] Re: package.el changes before the feature freeze

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Re: package.el changes before the feature freeze
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 11:58:03 +0800
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Daniel Hackney <address@hidden> writes:

> But the main point is: I think we would be well-served by pulling
> these changes into 24.3 because it does not affect the user interface
> at all and is therefore not going against the idea of a feature freeze

My major concern is that third party packages which use existing
functions in package.el, whose calling conventions are changed by this
patch, would experience incompatibilities.  This is not a show stopper
for the post-24.3 development tree, since we will have lots of time to
find out what compatibility problems exist and adapt accordingly.  But I
don't think it's suitable for 24.3; I don't want 24.3's freeze to drag
on for too long.

> I also remember having some trouble with installing or resuming an
> aborted install and getting "file exists" errors. I'd have to dig a
> little to remember what exactly was happening; if I find anything I'll
> start a new thread about it.

Any such bugs would be orthogonal to the defstruct cleanup, and should
be reported and addressed separately.

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