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Re: Getting Python system paths for CEDET

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: Re: Getting Python system paths for CEDET
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2012 14:41:10 +0200
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Am 13.10.2012 11:28, schrieb David Engster:
CEDET's Python support has a function
`semantic-python-get-system-include-path' which calls Python to more or
less simply do

import sys

and parse the resulting output. This little thing however has caused so
much problems in the past that I'd like to settle this thing now once
and for all.

I'm currently trying to get rid of the warning messages when compiling
our Python support since we're using stuff like `python-proc',
`python-buffer', `python-preoutput-result' and so on. I now see in
Emacs' python.el that there are new variables
`python-shell-internal-buffer', but the doc-string says that they are
only there because of CEDET compatibility. So it seems we're doing
things the wrong way.

So here's my question: What is The Right Way to send and parse the
command above? It'd be great if this could be made compatible with
'python-mode', which apparently is another Python mode for Emacs people
are using. Also, it should run with no problems in batch-mode so that
our unit tests run (this was a problem in the past).


Hi David,

AFAIU new python.el started as an extension of the shipped one, while not 
implementing all of the former.
Fortunately Fabian did choose different names, so it should not clash.

From python-mode.el it should be sufficient not to unload python.el stuff, so 
CEDET might run.

Just to drop a note of interest so far,



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