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Re: smie-next-sexp vs associative operators

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: smie-next-sexp vs associative operators
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2012 11:54:32 -0400
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> I'm indenting "accept LILLY".  It should be indented relative to
> "select".

That's odd.  I'd expect it to be indented relative to "or".

To put it more strongly: you should really try to indent relative to
"or" and if you bump into trouble while doing that, then come back here
for help ;-)

> However, this stops with point on "accept SILLY", not accept.
I presume you meant "select".

> But this is exactly like the "elsif" case the comments are talking
> about, so I think the code is broken.

The comment is imprecise, it's meant for "if ... elsif ... end" where
the BNF said ("if" ... "elsif" ... "end") rather than ("if"
... list-of-elseif ... "end") and then list-of-elseif defined as
(list-of-elseif "elsif" list-of-elseif).

I should fix it, thank you for pointing it out.

I.e. this rule is to avoid stopping at "elsif" when scanning from "if" to
"end" or from "end" to "if".  It will still stop when scanning from an
"elsif" and bumping into another "elsif".


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