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RE: Proposal to improve the nomenclature of scrolling directions

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Proposal to improve the nomenclature of scrolling directions
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 13:00:35 -0800

> > > and those should have no problems with the current command names.
> > Irrelevant whether they do or do not.
> It is relevant.  The old names will stay.

The new names, which include "page" for non page-related stuff, will cause
false-positive matches against "page".  That's the point.  No one said there
would be a problem finding the page-related commands if you name other commands
to also include "page".  Sure, it adds noise, but that's not the problem I
pointed out.

> > The point is that adding things whose names include `page' 
> > but that have nothing to do with Emacs pages adds confusion
> > and works against name-matching (e.g. apropos).  That's all.
> There's no confusion here, because PageDown is a key present on any
> widely used keyboard today.  The notion of "paging down" is familiar
> to everyone.

Sure, but it has nothing to do with Emacs pages (a la page delimiter).  That's
the confusion that this would introduce.

> "Pages" in Emacs, i.e. chunks of text delimited by ^L characters, are
> a feature not shared by most other GUI applications.

Like so many Emacs features.

> It is traditional Emacs behavior to support such pages.

It is Emacs behavior.  That's all.

> When you talk about that behavior, you necessarily talk about
> traditional Emacs behavior, from day one till today.

When you talk about that behavior you talk necessarily about Emacs behavior.
Nothing more.

> So I submit that there's no problem here, as a matter of fact.

The outside world calls "window" what Emacs calls "frame".  Maybe we should
rename all functions and variables that use "frame" to use "window" instead, to
avoid this traditional-Emacs-generated confusion.

You wouldn't mind that, would you, even if it introduced false positives for
people looking for symbols having to do with Emacs windows?

Especially since only Emacs "veterans" are familiar with the terminology of
Emacs windows, and they would anyway still have the original "-window-" symbols
available (at least for a while).

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