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Re: Writing syntax-propertize-function for strings in code in strings, e

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Writing syntax-propertize-function for strings in code in strings, etc
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 20:40:21 -0500
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>> That's not a new problem, actually, since if you start
>> a `forward-sexp' from within a string or within a comment you already
>> get similar problems.
> True, although with those it's mostly a non-problem, AFAICT: jumping forward
> or back from comments works just fine, and jumping solely between strings
> makes a certain amount of sense.

Both cases are problematic, but you're right that for multi-mode cases
those same problems come become more acute.

>> PS: My secret longer-term agenda for world domination might include
>> using push/pop for all strings and comments as well.
> Could you point to the use case?

World domination, obviously.

> <address@hidden>: connect to
>     perlin.IRO.UMontreal.CA[]:25: Connection timed out
> Is this a problem on your end, or should I switch to another SMTP server?

No idea.  But I wouldn't worry too much about it: the sysadmins here
like to use those nasty blacklisting services, so it's quite possible
that your server got on one of those blacklists for some idiotic reason,
and then it'll take a while to get off of it.  But any/all servers get
there at some point (even GNU's mailing-list server), so the best for
you is to hope it'll pass.


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