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Re: child reaping

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: child reaping
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 08:03:39 -0800
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On 11/16/2012 05:08 PM, James Cloos wrote:
> Have there been any changes in the last three or four days which would
> affect how emacs reaps its zombie kids?

Not in the trunk, no.

> On a non-gtk build from a few days ago I get un-reaped zombies for any
> process created by (call-process-region).

I could not reproduce that bug on my platform (Fedora 17, GCC 4.7.2,
configured --with-x-toolkit=lucid).  I did a call-process-region on
a small buffer a few times, both with the minimal number of arguments
and with BUFFER being t, and never created zombies.

> The only thing I found in the bzr log which looked related is rev
> 110784

That sounds like a plausible rev, but it was installed into the
trunk two weeks ago.  Did you not do a build, or not use Emacs, for
a week or two?

If you're still having the problem, might be time for a bug report.

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