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RE: Emacs Windows barebin distribution

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Emacs Windows barebin distribution
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 09:37:44 -0800

> One important thing that the critics seem to forget, or don't know, is
> that the barebin distribution simply didn't work, for quite some time
> now.  So if we were to revert that decision, we would have to find a
> way to make it work first.

What critics?  Has anyone actually criticized or opposed discontinuing the
barebin distribution?  Straw man argument.

I spoke out against your argument for _how you know_ that users don't use
barebins.  I made it clear that I do not use barebins myself, and I do not in
any way oppose discontinuing their distribution.

It's the decision process that I spoke to: deciding what users want/need/use
based on emacs-devel list activity, instead of on a user poll or the proposed
analysis of download stats.

If you want to know what users use, ask them.
Or look directly at what they download.
If.  And I hope you do.

(That said, I do not take the position that whatever users might think they want
should determine the direction that Emacs Dev should go.  That would be tailism.
But there is a difference between (a) leading instead of following and (b)
ignoring those you are trying to lead.)

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