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RE: Emacs pretest 24.2.90

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: RE: Emacs pretest 24.2.90
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 07:34:22 -0600

On Mon Nov 26 2012 Drew Adams wrote:
> > > Yet I was wondering: what information is generally useful here to
> > > characterize "one's build platform"? I copied some information from
> > > buffers created via `report-emacs-bug' - obviously a clumsy
> > > procedure.
> > 
> > You can insert the Emacs version at point with C-u M-x 
> > emacs-version RET
> I too have sometimes used `report-emacs-bug', just to get the
> complete version info. Perhaps `C-u C-u' with `emacs-version'
> could provide that info?
> I'm talking about the difference between these two (the first is from
> `report-emacs-bug', and provides more info about the build):

My question is first: what information is possibly relevant or
helpful here?

I thought that the main purpose of emacs-version was to distinguish
the different (historical) versions of emacs. During the pretest of
a particular emacs version, this might not provide too much variety.

I guess under GNU linux the most basic information about the build
platform is provided by "lsb_release -d". report-emacs-bug includes
the output of this command.

But again: I don't know what is possibly most useful during a pretest.

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