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Re: [dbus] type errors

From: Lluís
Subject: Re: [dbus] type errors
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2012 12:55:18 +0100
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Michael Albinus writes:

> Lluís <address@hidden> writes:
>>> The following works for me:
>>> (defun ogc:--dbus-get-events (since until force-reload)
>>> "Returns \"sssbxxa{sv}\"."
>>> '("" "Test" "" :boolean nil :int64 63490176000 :int64 63490176001
>>> (:array :signature "{sv}")))
>>> The last entry is an empty argument of type "a{sv}".
>> Ok, now it's not complaining, but still not working.

> Hmm, I haven't installed a calendar client which I could use for
> testing. I run dry tests via "dbus-send ...".

> Which calendar client do you use?

GNOME shell comes with a widget in the (by default, top) bar. Clicking on it
invokes the "GetEvents" method I'm trying to implement.

>> The signature is supposed to be "a(sssbxxa{sv})", but after (quickly) reading
>> the manual I'm unable to return such a structure.

> Try this one:

> (defun ogc:--dbus-get-events (since until force-reload)
>   "Returns \"a(sssbxxa{sv})\"."
>   '((:array
>      (:struct "" "Test1" "" :boolean nil :int64 63490176000 :int64 63490176001
>               (:array :signature "{sv}"))
>      (:struct "" "Test2" "" :boolean t :int64 63490176002 :int64 63490176003
>               (:array :signature "{sv}")))))

Yes, I finally got it working with this same structure.

I'll try to finish the rest and post the code in the org-mode list.

Thanks a lot,

 "And it's much the same thing with knowledge, for whenever you learn
 something new, the whole world becomes that much richer."
 -- The Princess of Pure Reason, as told by Norton Juster in The Phantom

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