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Re: Emacs Conf

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: Emacs Conf
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 12:34:04 +0900

Glenn Morris writes:

 > I'll bite and say that I don't see why an Emacs user conference
 > should be discussed on the development mailing list (rather than the
 > user mailing list). 

Well, it would be nice if a few developers showed up.  Go to PyCon or
RubyWorld and compare attendance at non-Guido[1]-developer and
non-Matz-developer presentations to attendance at J-Random-User
presentations.  Bastien (as an Org-Mode developer) would be a draw,
DAK (as AUCTeX-Czar-Emeritus) would be a draw, but Stefan or Yidong
would be 5 times the draw, and Eli (w32stuff) or Miles (lexbind) or
Mike A (TRAMP, dbus) or Glenn Morris (who dat?! :-) might bring in 2X
as many people.

Agreed, developer invitations might be best handled with direct
negotiations off-list.  Maybe one explicit CFP here.

[1]  Ie, a core dev != Guido van Rossum.  Wouldn't be at all fair to
compare Joe Shmoe to the BDFL, and you probably can't get RMS at a
random Emacs user conference anyway -- but if even 200 people show at
one, I bet he'll be there the next year!

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