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Re: A scrolling problem with Emac trunk

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: A scrolling problem with Emac trunk
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 14:39:00 +0100

> Sometimes I need to have two views of the same (long) buffer. Suppose I
> have a text buffer of 200 lines and I need a view of the first 25 lines
> and a view of the last 25 lines. Usually I do this opening another
> frame, C-x 5 2, and scrolling (with mouse wheel or the scroll bar) so to
> have the two views.
> With current trunk (rev. 111253) this does not work any more.. To be
> short, when I scroll in a frame the other scrolls almost in the same way
> so that both frames shows the same view... It is impossible to have
> different views of a long buffer.
> Instead, the trunk rev. 111175 seems to behave correctly and I can have
> two different views in two frames of the same long buffer.

Same here on Windows XP for some value of "almost".  Irreproducible with
Emacs -Q.  Does it happen with Emacs -Q on your system?

FWIW, here the buffer in the "other" frame does not scroll but its
window's modeline values change to the same as in the other frame.
Maybe Stefan's attempt to synchronize selected frame and selected window
misfired.  Pure speculation, of course.


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