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Re: emacs roadmap

From: Tony Day
Subject: Re: emacs roadmap
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 11:02:38 +1100

On 17 Dec 2012, at 09:37, Noah Lavine <address@hidden> wrote:

> Guile used to be an embeddable implementation of the Scheme programming 
> language, and there was a plan to use Guile in Emacs and rewrite everything 
> in Guile. Guile (since 2.0) is now an embeddable VM and a collection of 
> compilers to that VM. It can run Elisp in the same way that Emacs can.

Thanks - that helps tremendously.  I was mixing up old-school discussions of 
guile with Guile 2.0.  Lua support coming - wow!

> There has been talk of using the Guile VM in Emacs.

Where would that talk be located?

> As for realism - it's certainly a realistic possibility technically. The work 
> would mostly be in the C part of Emacs - changing lisp.h, the interpreter, 
> and similar things. The low-level Elisp that implements the compiler would 
> also change, but almost all Elisp would be untouched. There would be some 
> technical advantages, and I can think of one possible technical downside. 
> (I'll write more about those if anyone's interested.)

I'd be very interested in your views of both the advantages and disadvantages, 
for one.

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