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RE: cedet-called-interactively-p hangs on emacs

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: cedet-called-interactively-p hangs on emacs
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 08:03:19 -0800

> I have the exact same issue... 
> so, the problem seems to be a change in emacs core for
> called-interactively-p.

I haven't run into the problems mentioned (I don't use CEDET or advise
`called-interactively' or `interactive-p'). 

But FWIW I have noticed that the behavior has recently changed in the debugger.
Now you definitely want to hit `c' and not `d', to skip over the evaluation,
because it takes you on a little tour around Robinson's barn.

BTW, in the debugger I see this:
* advice--called-interactively-skip(4 (t #[...] ...

And in nadvice.el I see this:

;; When code is advised, called-interactively-p needs to be taught to skip
;; the advising frames.
;; FIXME: This Major Ugly Hack won't handle calls to called-interactively-p
;; done from the advised function if the deepest advice is an around advice!
;; In other cases (calls from an advice or calls from the advised function when
;; the deepest advice is not an around advice), it should hopefully get
;; it right.

It does indeed seem like we are making Emacs jump through hoops backward.  No
doubt there is some thorny problem that the code solves, but the comments don't
indicate what that might be.

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