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RE: Unuseful keybindings

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Unuseful keybindings
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 14:46:59 -0800

> Oh how I hate typing C-w in Firefox when trying to cut some 
> text from a form, and making the page disappear instead. Or
> typing C-s and seeing the "save" dialog. I do like these
> keybindings, though, so moving to cua-mode or etc is not
> exactly an option.

Me too.  And I mentioned `C-w' for about the same reason as you.

> I don't think I'm going to use the new binding much, but I
> totally support moving toward compatibility with other
> programs, at least where there are no pre-existing keybindings.

So you buy the argument that if there is no default binding for some key (ANY
key), and someone uses it conventionally outside Emacs (for ANYthing), then
Emacs should hurry to get on board and have the same binding by default.

Doesn't matter what the key is, other than it has no default binding?  Doesn't
matter what the conventional binding does, assuming it is an action that can be
done in Emacs?

So no need to discuss particular keys and actions any further - just bind them
all following any conventions we can find outside Emacs?

Emacs development deserves better.

> I think the resistance here can be explained by the correlation
> between people who like to keep their Emacs fullscreen and
> people who try to do everything in Emacs, and so don't care
> about other programs (and their keybindings) as much.

You think wrong.  At least regarding this person.

My Emacs is as far from fullscreen as can be.  And I definitely do not try to do
everything in Emacs - I do almost nothing in Emacs.  And I do care very much
about other programs.  And I use other programs and their keybindings all the
time.  And I too get bit by different bindings (but `f11' is not one of them!).

What I am in favor of is for Emacs Dev to think.  And discuss.  And take
seriously the different properties of particular keys and particular actions
that keys might be bound to.  In the context of Emacs.

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