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Re: Bootstrapping on MS-Windows. Now much slower

From: Dani Moncayo
Subject: Re: Bootstrapping on MS-Windows. Now much slower
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 19:04:50 +0100

>> Last time I did a bootstrap of the trunk for MS-Windows (9 days ago,
>> with "mingw32-make -j4 bootstrap"), it took on my laptop about 14/15
>> minutes to complete.
> Did you use -j4 or -j2 last time?  Using too many simultaneous jobs
> can actually slow down the build, although 3-fold slowdown sounds
> gross.

I used also -j4 last time, but ISTR that -j5 or -j2 gave similar
results (approx. 50% of the time without -jN).  That seems right,
since my CPU (Core i5-2410M) has two cores [1].


>> I've just done this again (with the current trunk), and it has taken
>> "00h49m28.682s" (?!)
>> Do you also observe this slow down?
> No, I still get my 6 to 7 min (with -j8 on Core i7).
>> What's the reason for this?
> Did you update your anti-virus software, perhaps?  Or any other
> system-wide updates?

I think I've installed the usual automatic updates, but nothing more.

> Look in the system logs (a.k.a. "Event Viewer"),
> under "Application" and "System" for clues.

Thanks, I'll what I can do.

Dani Moncayo

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