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Re: /srv/bzr/emacs/trunk r111349: * lisp/progmodes/cperl-mode.el (cperl-

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: /srv/bzr/emacs/trunk r111349: * lisp/progmodes/cperl-mode.el (cperl-calculate-indent): Do not stagger
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 09:49:47 +0900

Dmitry Gutov writes:
 > Juri Linkov <address@hidden> writes:
 > >>> -        from 109911 (see the new test).
 > >>> +        from Bug#109911 (see the new test).
 > >>
 > >> This change is inaccurate. 109911 is a Bazaar revision, not a bug number.
 > >
 > > To avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding revisions should have a prefix
 > > similar to bug numbers, e.g. revno#109911 or revno:109911.
 > Thanks, will do next time.
 > I guess I'm used to Git, where you don't usually prefix commit ids with
 > anything.

Are those strings valid syntax for referencing bzr revisions (eg in
log or checkout)?  It would be best to standardize on valid syntax
(eg, for cut and paste).  Only rarely useful, I suppose, but ...

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