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Re: Better help support for EIEIO classes and methods

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Better help support for EIEIO classes and methods
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2013 14:53:53 -0500
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>> To a large extent the first line is not that important since you can add
>> the missing info in the docstring itself.  Could you give more details of
>> the things that can't be overcome this way?

> An example: Start up with emacs -Q and eval

> (require 'semantic/db)
> (require 'semantic/db-global)

> Then do a describe-function on semanticdb-file-table. You'll get this:

> ,----
> | semanticdb-file-table is a Lisp function in `db.el'.
> | 
> | (semanticdb-file-table &rest LOCAL-ARGS)
> | 
> | From OBJ, return FILENAME's associated table object.
> `----

> Now, this is pretty misleading since there are actually two
> implementations of this function, which will become clear if you use
> eieio-describe-generic, which will give you this:

Here's a suggestion: in describe-function-1 we do:

          (help-fns--compiler-macro function)
          (help-fns--parent-mode function)
          (help-fns--obsolete function)

How 'bout we replace that with

    (run-hook-with-args 'help-fns-describe-function-functions function)

So EIEIO can add some text between "(semanticdb-file-table &rest
LOCAL-ARGS)" and "From OBJ, return FILENAME's associated table object."?
> This is already pretty good, but is still lacking an IMO crucial
> feature: the filenames 'db.el' and 'db-global.el' are not
> links. However, just do
> (add-hook 'temp-buffer-show-hook 'eieio-help-mode-augmentation-maybee t)

Can't you insert the `db.el' and `db-globals.el' directly as buttons?
Or does something later strip away the text-properties of those buttons?
If that's the case, maybe we could fix that problem.


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