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Re: Long lines and bidi [Was: Re: bug#13623: ...]

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Long lines and bidi [Was: Re: bug#13623: ...]
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2013 10:33:08 -0500
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> So the first question is: is it feasible/possible/desirable to detect
> that the buffer has no R2L text at all and automatically force
> bidi-paragraph-direction to left-to-right and bidi-display-reordering
> to nil?

Would this speed things up by a constant factor, or would it actually
remove an O(N) factor?

I think a fix will need more than a constant factor speed up.

Did you check both the truncate-lines=nil and the truncate-lines=t cases?
I think that for the truncate-lines=t case, we won't be able to avoid
the O(linelength) slowdown (but we should try and skip the non-displayed
part of lines faster, especially when there's no
`display/after/before-string' property).


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