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RE: Long lines and bidi

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Long lines and bidi
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 09:55:36 -0800

> Turning on the newline cache speeds up these searches for a newline by
> a factor of 2, which is not too spectacular, but not negligible.  Any
> objections to turning on that caching by default in all buffers?

I only followed some of all that you wrote, and I haven't followed the thread.
But a question:

You do not mention any added cost, AFAICT (but again, I did not follow in

Is the caching relevant (helpful) regardless of the value of truncate-lines or
whether visual-line-mode etc. is on?  IOW, does it make sense for many common
configurations or just for some particular configs?

If it is not particularly advantageous for some common configs, does it have a
cost that would suggest it should not be done in those configs, or is it pretty
much without a downside?

What about "for all buffers"?  Does it make sense also for buffers such as Dired
and Info, which have relatively short line lengths?

If there is no extra cost or other drawback then such considerations probably do
not matter, of course.

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