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Re: Cleaning up the EIEIO namespace

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Cleaning up the EIEIO namespace
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 21:47:51 -0500
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>> Here is a patch that attempts to clean up part of the EIEIO namespace.
>> If you like it, please install it upstream, so it will get merged into
>> Emacs later on.  If you prefer, I can install it into Emacs directly and
>> you'll merge it later on upstream, of course.
> Thank you for the patch. I know it cannot have been fun. :-)

It was largely mechanical, tho.

> I didn't have time yet to look at your patch in detail.  I did apply it
> to CEDET trunk and got byte-compile errors because there's
> eieio-class-parent as well as eieio--class-parent.

Hmm.. there are both eieio-class-parent as well as eieio--class-parent,
but I'm not sure why that would cause a byte-compile error.

> As for the general direction of the cleanup: We did discuss this a bit
> in the bug report you opened for it some time ago, and Eric stated that
> he'd at least like to keep the CLOS-compatible names without having to
> prefix everything with 'eieio-'. Your suggestion was to use the shorter
> 'cl-' prefix instead, and at least I think that is a good compromise. So
> instead of using 'eieio-class-name', for instance, we'd rather use
> 'cl-class-name'. I don't know enough CLOS to see which other names are
> affected by this (but I could easily look it up, of course).

I don't know CLOS either.  I also don't know EIEIO enough to know for
sure which functions are "internal" (and can hence move to "eieio-" or
even "eieio--" without any problem) and which are "exported", so that
renaming them has to be done more carefully (with obsolete aliases).

> Regarding the merge procedure: I'm a bit hesitant to merge the current
> CEDET trunk to Emacs just yet because the Java-support is pretty much in
> flux right now, so I'd prefer if you just apply it in Emacs trunk.


> We were planning to move EIEIO development to Emacs trunk anyway. I'm
> actually hoping that we can remove EIEIO from CEDET upstream some time
> later this year.

Sounds good,


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