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RE: unifying emacs "go to definition" functionality

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: unifying emacs "go to definition" functionality
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 07:21:49 -0800

> I don't like etags' interface for jumping through multiple
> definitions and prefer a method which allows the user to see
> and pick which definition they want.

Icicles does exactly that.  It provides the tags hits as completion candidates.
Emacs could easily do likewise.

   With 'icicle-find-tag', you enter (using 'RET') a regexp to
   match the tags you want to visit.  By default, all tags in
   all tags files are searched, and the matches become
   completion candidates (which you can of course match further
   by typing another pattern).

   As always, you can use progressive completion, chip away the
   non-elephant, and so on.  Just as with Icicles search
   commands, you use 'C-RET', 'C-mouse-2', 'C-next', and so on,
   to visit the search hits.  You can use `M-*'
   ('icicle-pop-mark') to return to the place you invoked `M-.'.

The second paragraph (except the last sentence) would not apply to vanilla
Emacs, but the first easily could.


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