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Re: org-export raises stringp nil error

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: org-export raises stringp nil error
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2013 17:27:56 +0900

Xue Fuqiao writes:
 > On 03/08/2013 02:40 PM, Bastien wrote:
 > > I missed the distinction between "pretest" and "release candidate".
 > What's the difference between "pretest" and "release candidate"? 

A release candidate may be considered to be a kind of pretest.

The difference (as Glenn already implied) is that in a release
candidate the release engineer proposes to make exactly one change
before release: remove "rc" from the version string and then roll the
tarballs and announce.  Only if the release is unusable (new crash,
data corruption, or security hole since last pretest) will it be
patched before release.

The way to think about this is that a release candidate is only there
to save face for the release engineer.  Ordinary bugs aren't his
problem any more. ;-)

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