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Re: A unified project root interface

From: Phil Hagelberg
Subject: Re: A unified project root interface
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 15:27:38 -0700
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Jorgen Schaefer writes:

> Unless you create this in a way that is usable without requiring (or
> understanding) EDE, I fear that it will not be used by many other
> packages. And that's the issue I started this thread for.

Speaking as the author of one of the most widely-used project-centric
libraries[1], I agree with Jorgen. I would be happy to adopt a mechanism
that ships with Emacs as long as it doesn't involve CLOS.

My personal vote is for a way to provide a list of project-defining
predicates, but a .dir-locals.el-based approach that didn't have false
positives for .dir-locals nested inside project subdirectories would be
fine too.


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