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Why does get_lim_data ignore RLIM_INFINITY?

From: Ken Brown
Subject: Why does get_lim_data ignore RLIM_INFINITY?
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 23:03:38 -0400
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I'm puzzled by one of the changes you made to vm-limit.c:get_lim_data() in bzr revision 111152. Specifically, it doesn't seem right to ignore RLIM_INFINITY as in the following comment:

+  /* Set LIM_DATA to the minimum of the maximum object size and the
+     maximum address space.  Don't bother to check for values like
+ RLIM_INFINITY since in practice they are not much less than SIZE_MAX. */

According to POSIX, "If a call to getrlimit() returns RLIM_INFINITY for a resource, it means the implementation shall not enforce limits on that resource."

So I think this fragment of the original code shouldn't have been removed:

if (rlimit.rlim_cur == RLIM_INFINITY)
 lim_data = -1;


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