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Re: [RFC] refactoring DEFUN

From: Dmitry Antipov
Subject: Re: [RFC] refactoring DEFUN
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 18:02:50 +0400
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On 03/25/2013 05:18 PM, Daniel Colascione wrote:

I'd prefer to keep it the old way --- it preserves greppability. The new way
involves a lot more magic, and I don't think it buys us much maintainability
because changing buildin function names is rare.

I believe that any tool which is worth using should not have issues with this
change. For example, build TAGS with:

find lib lib-src lwlib oldXMenu src -name '*.[chm]' | xargs ctags -e \
    --regex-c='/[ \t]*DEFUN \(".+", ([A-Za-z_]+)/F\1/' \
    --regex-c='/[ \t]DEFVAR_[A-Z]+ \(".+", (V[A-Za-z_]+)/\1/'

and you should be able to do M-x find-tag for both Fcons and cons
(ctags is Exuberant ctags).


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