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Re: Emacs as the windows manager for graphical windows, How can I help?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Emacs as the windows manager for graphical windows, How can I help?
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2013 15:43:57 -0400
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> Well, time to put my free time where my mouth is : I volunteer to work
> on that, giving it all my "sideproject time" from the first of may
> until completion.


> (maybe there is a welcome guide somewhere?)

Not really, sorry.

> 1. What needs to be done? what "format" does a code needs to conform
> to be acceptable by the mainline Emacs?

Obviously, Joakim knows better what needs to be done, but here are some
comments from "the other end": to be acceptable for inclusion in the
trunk I think the main criteria are along the following lines:
- the new code is unlikely to need to be replaced later on by something
  completely different.  That is meant to rule out "experimental" code.
  Also, while we try to speed it up, Emacs release cycle is pretty
  long/slow, so take into account that the code won't be in a release
  for at the very least another year, probably two, so try to make sure
  it doesn't rely on some external package that will be obsolete
  by then.
- the patch should be safe in that most/all the code it touches is
  properly #ifdef'd.
- nitpickers are satisfied (send your patch for review, and you'll
  see what I mean ;-).  Read the GNU coding standards beforehand, since
  it describes most of the details we like.

I think the best is if Joakim can give you a "first chunk" to chew on.

> 2. Where do I need to apply to have the right to contribute those
> changes to emacs at all?

I just sent you a private email for that.


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