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jit-lock tries to fontify killed buffer (sometimes)

From: Fabrice Popineau
Subject: jit-lock tries to fontify killed buffer (sometimes)
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2013 06:56:12 +0000 (UTC)
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I'm using some post 24.3 version of Emacs (W32 natively compiled).
I start my session with debug-on-error being t.
I get a backtrace on jit-lock trying to fontify some killed-buffer 
while restoring my previous session (thanks to the desktop library).
The obvious patch is:

--- \mirror\emacs\lisp\jit-lock.el      2013-02-08 16:13:02.417999000 +0100
+++ \local\Emacs\lisp\jit-lock.el       2013-04-04 20:35:06.173203900 +0200
@@ -35,7 +35,8 @@
     (declare (debug t))
     `(let ((inhibit-point-motion-hooks t))
-         ,@body))))
+         (if (buffer-live-p (current-buffer))
+         ,@body)))))
 ;;; Customization.

But maybe this is just hiding something else.

Any idea of what is going on there?


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