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Re: flx -- flex with better sorting

From: Óscar Fuentes
Subject: Re: flx -- flex with better sorting
Date: Wed, 01 May 2013 20:16:29 +0200
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Le Wang <address@hidden> writes:

> I fixed this bug.  Capital letters are considered word beginnings so they
> are always preferred.


>> One Emacs instance started to quickly use memory and had to kill it when
>> noticed that the system was furiously paging. That Emacs instance was
>> doing nothing, just showing a prompt of 3 candidates for kill-buffer.
> It'd be good to get repro steps for this.

I'm trying, but no luck so far.

>> With ido, C-x k (kill-buffer) usually offers the current buffer as the
>> first candidate. After activating flx, that's not necessarily so.
> The completion list should change until you hit the first letter.  After
> that flx takes over sorting.  Is this what you're seeing?

Yes, if I start with emacs -Q, but no with my setup. I'll bisect my
.emacs later and let you know.

>> While navigating directory trees with find-file, at certain point no
>> candidates where listed as soon as any string was entered. With no
>> input, all candidates were shown. I was unable to replicate the problem.
> I opened a bug on github to track this.  But I don't actually use ido, so
> it may take some time to get around to this.  Follow up in the bug if you
> have more repro details.


While finding a file on a directory that has one named
Makefile.configure.in, if I type `ci' no matches are shown. Is this the
expected behavior?

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