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Re: outlook message/diary handling

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: outlook message/diary handling
Date: Sat, 04 May 2013 19:58:16 -0400
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More entries for diary-outlook-formats are welcome.
(The one time I got Outlook appointment messages, this feature was no
use, as I explain in the comments before that variable.)

Nic Ferrier wrote:

> 1. Right now diary-from-outlook is fixed to two email implementations,
> rmail and gnus. But we have lots of other mailers that would benefit
> from the same functionality.

I think code for mailers that don't come with Emacs doesn't belong in
Emacs. I added diary-from-outlook-function that those mail clients can
set to whatever.

> 2. diary-from-outlook ends with diary-from-outlook-internal which only
> handles diary entries in Emacs' diary format. But many people like to
> keep their diary in org mode. So being able to add entries in either
> format would be good.

If Org mode needs something different for some reason, I think that's
code that belongs in Org mode. So try address@hidden

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