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Re: Add condition-case handler to ert test runner

From: Davis Herring
Subject: Re: Add condition-case handler to ert test runner
Date: Mon, 06 May 2013 08:30:49 -0600
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> My patch is to wrap a condition-case around the funcall of the actual
> test in the function ert--run-test-internal with a handler that would
> invoke the debugger upon any error. This condition-case would take
> priority over the one in ielm.

If that's what you want...

> Would it be possible to improve emacs' documentation of condition-case?
> There is only one or two sentences about the handler on the page. I had
> to trawl through eval.c to figure out how to write the correct handler.

...you may be quite right about the documentation, because...

> +          (condition-case nil
> +            (funcall (ert-test-body (ert--test-execution-info-test
> +                                     test-execution-info)))
> +            ((error debug))))))

...you surely instead want

          (condition-case nil
            (funcall (ert-test-body (ert--test-execution-info-test
            (error (debug))))))

That said, you probably shouldn't invoke the debugger programmatically
-- what if this code is being called from a loop, or in a
non-interactive Emacs?

The real question is why ERT's signals are reaching IELM if the latter
invoked the former (whose handlers should thus be innermost).


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