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Re: Bootstrap deleted DOC-nnn file

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Bootstrap deleted DOC-nnn file
Date: Sat, 11 May 2013 08:10:42 -0400

    Richard, I agree with you that it would be nice to have access to the
    DOC file, but I think that might best be served by tweaking the DOC-
    file-finding routine to look for its DOC first, then a DOC of a later
    build, then a DOC of the same version, and finally any DOC at all.  Of
    course due to the way DOC files are indexed you still might lose, but
    it's worth a try.  Fuzz the index a bit and search "near" the baked-in
    index for the entry when you don't have an exact match.

This could work, but why do something complex and unreliable
instead of the simple solution (don't delete the files)?

    A third is to embed the DOC file in the executable, with an option to
    keep it separate for users who need a slimmer executable (with modern
    OS technology, are there any? :)

Maybe this is a reasonable thing to do nowadays, but it is a bigger change.
Why not fix the bug the simple way now, and think about this later?

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