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Re: [PATCH] Make `C-x {' and `C-x }' repeatable

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Make `C-x {' and `C-x }' repeatable
Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 23:31:48 +0300
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>> If the goal is to replace `C-x [{}^]' with one global keybinding, the
>> currently free and intuitive key prefix for window related commands
>> would be `C-x w', so that a command to activate window-resizing key
>> sequence could be bound to `C-x w r'.
> `C-x w' is not free.  It is used by `highlight-regexp' and friends
> (still).  These key bindings are set inside hi-lock.el itself.

`C-x w' is defined only when 'hi-lock-mode' is active but
`M-s h' is always available, so `C-x w' is redundant.

BTW, do you think that adding `overriding-temporary-local-map'
could help you to implement `isearch-allow-prefix' that you proposed in


There is an unaddressed request for this feature in bug#9706.

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