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bisected to commit since when this error occours (was: Re: isearch+ prov

From: Gregor Zattler
Subject: bisected to commit since when this error occours (was: Re: isearch+ provoces error when starting eshell)
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2013 15:46:50 +0200
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[also to emacs-devel since it is perhaps a bug in gnu emacs]

Hi Drew, Emacs developers,
* Drew Adams <address@hidden> [31. May. 2013]:
>> in emacs24 when isearch+ is loaded, starting eshell gives:
>> byte-code: Key sequence C-c C-c starts with non-prefix key C-c
>> and somehow freezes.  It's possible to give a `ls' command but
>> not twice.
>> Minimal example:
>> emacs-snapshot -Q -nw -l ~/.emacs.d/elpa/isearch+-20130513.1521/isearch+.el 
>> -f eshell
>> Is this something I should file a bug report for?  Where?

> You can report Isearch+ problems to me directly.
> I cannot reproduce the problem you see.  I tried the following with
> Emacs 24.3 (on MS Windows), which should be equivalent to what you are
> doing.  

I built Emacs 24.3 from source and I confirm that this issue is not
present in Emacs 23 and Emacs 24.3.  I did a  git bisect  then
(see below).

> I don't know anything about `emacs-snapshot', 

it's a weekly release of Emacs trunk for debian and ubuntu.

> or what that
> Isearch version is in your elpa directory.  But I assume it is more or
> less the same as what I have.
> emacs -Q -nw -l "C:\mydir\isearch+.el" -f eshell
> Likewise, if I use `emacs -Q -nw' and then load isearch+.el (or
> isearch+.elc), and then do `M-x eshell'.
> I can do C-c C-c and ls, any number of times each.
> The only key bindings involving C-c in Isearch+ are these in
> `isearch-mode-map' (which means they are in effect while searching,
> i.e., after C-s).  They are each bound to `isearchp-yank-char':
> C-c
> C-y C-c
> But your error message seems to come from the byte-compiler.
> When I byte-compile isearch+.el in Emacs 24 I get no such error.
> And if I then load isearch+.elc instead of .el, I see no difference.
> I can think of two possibilities, neither of which seems like it
> should really explain the problem you're seeing:
> 1. I neglected to include (eval-when-compile (require 'cl)) in the file.
> I've just added it now and uploaded isearch+.el to Emacs Wiki, here:
> http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs-en/download/isearch%2b.el
> You might try that to see if it makes a difference (I doubt it).

I deleted isearch.elc and downloaded your newest version: same
problem with newest Emacs and not with emacs23 and 24.3.

> 2. I believe there have been some byte-compiler problems in some recent
> Emacs development builds.  Perhaps that is the problem.  I'm by no means
> sure there are any such problems, but I think I saw some messages about
> it.  No idea whether, if there are some byte-compiler problems, they are
> relevant to what you're seeing here.
> Anyway, try loading the source file (not .elc) directly.  Try this, to
> see if it makes any difference:
> Delete isearch+.elc, so you use the source file.
> emacs -Q -nw
> Then `M-x load-file isearch+.el' in its directory (or ensure it is in
> your `load-path' and use `load-library').
> Then `M-x eshell' and the rest of your recipe (C-c C-c ls C-c C-c etc.).

I tried this and I even deleted eshell.elc but with the same
result (fail with newest emacs).  

> Let me know if you make any progress.  Perhaps there is a bug in Emacs
> or in isearch+.el, but so far I cannot repro what you see.  Sorry. 

I bisected the Emacs version history.  Result is:

ffc1d3e25cdae710e0f6057620af05c023a6e710 is the first bad commit
commit ffc1d3e25cdae710e0f6057620af05c023a6e710
Author: Glenn Morris <address@hidden>
Date:   Tue May 7 00:57:02 2013 -0700

    * lisp/eshell/em-hist.el (eshell-isearch-map): Initialize in the defvar.
    Remove explicit eshell-isearch-cancel-map.

This commit changes the keymap for eshell.  But I have no clue of
elisp and therefore am not in the position to judge if the commit
is wrong or if it exposes some bug in isearch+ or eshell.

Thanks for your attention, Gregor

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