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Re: Trouble with texinfo-multiple-files-update

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Trouble with texinfo-multiple-files-update
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2013 21:23:41 +0300

> Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2013 18:05:32 +0000
> Cc: address@hidden
> From: Alan Mackenzie <address@hidden>
> > This command updates the master menu by looking at all the nodes in
> > the manual.  Since the manual consists of 56 files, how do you want
> > Emacs to be able to update the master menu without visiting all those
> > files?
> By successively visiting them in temporary buffers and then killing them.

It can't, because of this:

> > The command also updates the top-level menu in each file, again
> > something that is impossible without visiting them.

> Yes.  I would prefer a command that Does One Thing And Does It Well,
> simply creating the main menu from the existing entries in the other
> files.  There's no harm having an option to update those too, though.

That's what that command does: its default is to update the top-level
menu in each individual file that is part of the manual.  Each file is
a full chapter.  The updating of the master menu is the optional
behavior, invoked with C-u.

> > Why do you care about the fact that they are modified?  Emacs does
> > that elsewhere, e.g., when you "M-q" in a paragraph that is already
> > filled.  You don't become nervous then, do you?  So why here?
> I'm not so much nervous as irritated - I've got to deal with 54
> "changed" buffers, otherwise they'll be hanging around my desktop
> forever.  And I don't want to save them, since that will overwrite the
> files' timestamps.

Why do you care about files' timestamps?  bzr doesn't, and neither
should you, because you will need to run "make info" anyway, due to
the fact that you added a node to the manual.  What am I missing?

> > P.S.  We seem to have this kind of conversation every few years; e.g.,
> > see http://debbugs.gnu.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=2975.
> :-).  That thread had disappeared over my memory horizon.  But at least
> it wasn't about texinfo-multiple-files-update.

Actually, it was about that as well.

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