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Re: EIEIO with lexical scoping

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: EIEIO with lexical scoping
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2013 16:47:45 -0400
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> Eric's work on EIEIO is now in Emacs. The test suite did run fine, but
> it might still be that stuff breaks.

Great, thanks.

> For instance, I had to change registry.el in Gnus, which for some
> reason had all 'defmethod' calls wrapped in 'eval-and-compile', which
> does not compile anymore. I don't know why, though; you probably
> do. ;-)

I don't either, actually.

In a some related vein.  I remember discussions to take EIEIO out of
CEDET, (i.e. use Emacs's built-in eieio for recent Emacsen, and
distribute a separate eieio package for people who want to use CEDET on
older Emacsen).

I'd welcome such a move.  IOW for me, the earlier the better.


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