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Re: How to restore the layout?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: How to restore the layout?
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2013 08:50:12 +0200

> I've pushed a new patch. It renames the restore option to
> desktop-restore-frames, adds a new one
> desktop-restore-in-current-display, and includes a few bugfixes.

Thank you!

> I've been forced to filter out the
> font frame parameter because it didn't really survive the roundtrip
> and caused an error.

Could you please add a comment about this in the code.

> There's some work to do deciding which parameters
> make sense to save and which ones do not, specially when doing that
> GUI -> tty -> GUI roundtrip (on Windows and elsewhere).

If really needed, we can make this customizable.

> Other things to do:
> - Detect that frames are restored in a non-visible area and do
> something about it (discussion ongoing about the precise way to do
> it).
> - What to do about minibufferless frames and minibuffer-only frames?

When saving we will have to establish a relationship between each
minibuffer-less frame and its associated minibuffer frame.  When
restoring we first have to create the minibuffer frame(s) and then
create the minibuffer-less frames and redirect them to their minibuffer
frame(s).  When at this time a normal frame (with minibuffer window)
remains, we probably have to delete it - AFAIK there's no function to
convert an existing minibuffer-equipped frame to a minibuffer-less one.

I think anyone needing such an arrangement will have to write the
appropriate code.  Here we only have to make sure that (some sort of)
frame names can be written by desktop so we can use them later when
restoring the frame/minibuffer relationships.

> - In my tests, fullscreen frames (i.e., (fullscreen . fullscreen), not
> the other kinds) restore with the wrong height, about two lines longer
> that they should. Could be related to settings of tool-bar-mode, etc.
> Not very serious because there's a binding for
> toggle-frame-fullscreen, but it is still a bit ugly.

Is it possible that you call `desktop--make-full-frame' too "early", in
some sense?  Does maximize have the same problem?


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