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Re: Rename `eww' to `web'

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Rename `eww' to `web'
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2013 22:17:54 -0400
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Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:

> This is off-topic, sorry.

Yeah, actually having written code is off-topic for emacs-devel! ;)
Don't you know this list is exclusively for giving opinions of How
Things Should Be? ;)

> I'm using a wrapper[1] that modifies `C-x C-f' and `C-x d' so as to
> work for ftp://. I can imagine making those commands work for
> https?:// is not so troublesome.

Again, this sounds like the existing url-handler-mode.

emacs -Q -f url-handler-mode
C-x C-f ftp://ftp.gnu.org
C-x C-f http://www.gnu.org

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