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Re: How to restore the layout?

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: Re: How to restore the layout?
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2013 01:10:16 +0200
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Il 04/07/2013 23.34, Juanma Barranquero ha scritto:
On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 10:41 PM, Angelo Graziosi
<address@hidden> wrote:

With the GTK build of trunk on Cygwin [1] I notice the following.. [2]

I can not test the Cygwin build, but in Emacs for Windows, what Emacs
considers a "maximized" or a "fullscreen" frame is not really a
maximized frame (window manager style, I mean). If I maximize
(wm-style) a frame and exit Emacs, when I restart it I get a frame of
the same size, but neither maximized.nor in the same exact location.

I think it is the same I see here... It seems as a Windows window manager "effect"..

BTW, if you disable the tool bar before saving (adding (tool-bar-lines
. 0) to default-frame-alist, for example), do you see any difference?

Yes, Emacs is restored "maximized", i.e. N lines, but the maximize button is not selected (and not tool bar, obviously)



Suppose I start Emacs without any desktop file. It starts with the default
frame almost a square. Now I click on maximize button and the frame has the
width of the Windows desktop (about 160 columns) and the height just a line
above the Windows status bar [3].

After this I quit from Emacs, it asks to save desktop (Yes), I restart
Emacs... It starts with a frame whose width is as that of Windows desktop
(OK) but the height is N-4 lines and the maximized button is *not* selected.
Maximizing, the frame gains another line (N-3).

I notice this only with the Cygwin build. On Ubuntu and Kubuntu the frame is
restored always with the maximize button selected and takes always N-2
lines. It is really maximized!


[1] On XP the windows has on top right corner 3 buttons (from left to
right): minimize, maximize and close

[2] To the init file I have added
(setq desktop-restore-frames t)

[3] If the Windows desktop has N+2 lines (+2 for the status bar) then the
Emacs frame maximized has N-3 lines

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