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Re: Small improvements to ruby-mode

From: Bozhidar Batsov
Subject: Re: Small improvements to ruby-mode
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2013 08:31:45 +0300

On 5 July 2013 17:15, Dmitry Gutov <address@hidden> wrote:
On 05.07.2013 17:01, Bozhidar Batsov wrote:
I thought the manual installation instructions were leftovers from the
old ruby-mode. I was under the impression that since ruby-mode started
using SMIE it's not a good idea to distribute it separately, since it
might not behave appropriately on older Emacsen. Perhaps I'm wrong.

SMIE is the way forward, but it still needs work, and it's disabled by default. Patches welcome, by the way.

ruby-mode doesn't run on older Emacsen, but it's not hard to fix.  Since earlier versions distributed via Marmalade and Tromey's archive seem to cause problems, perhaps we should make an effort and upload the current version to Marmalade, at least once. It stable enough, I think.

I guess this makes sense. I've often seen complaints about the ruby-mode in Marmalade being older than the one currently bundled in Emacs.  

That's unfortunate. Files with tabs look like Christmas trees for most
whitespace-mode users.

Tabs are colored with whitish-yellow for me, which is the default whitespace-tab face. Noticeable, but not critical.

It's more annoying on a dark background. :-) Obviously that's not a big issue, I'm just obsessed about all the details.

Yes, I have - but I really feel that this is something that should be
handled by ruby-mode itself. After all around 90% of all ruby hackers
have to deal with yard and rdoc. It's better to have core functionality

We should contact Kyle, then, for the copyright assignment. Or, again, patches welcome. :)

I guess it'd be best of Stefan approached him?

        * make use of `font-lock-negation-char-face` for !

    Uh, okay. Is it different from the default face, in any themes?

If more modes were actually using it more themes would have customised
it. I can assure you that zenburn and solarized will support it :-)

Any idea how you're going to make it look?

A bold yellowish face seems like a nice option to me. Will make it clear that !orax is not actually lorax for instance. Maybe it should simply derive from the keyword face? On a related note - often && and || are highlighted as keywords. Maybe ruby-mode should do the same for consistency with `and` and `or`? 

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