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Re: MELPA version numbers

From: Sebastian Wiesner
Subject: Re: MELPA version numbers
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2013 22:51:50 +0200

2013/8/1 Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>:
> [ As is sadly becoming the norm nowadays, it's difficult to find
>   a contact email address at http://melpa.milkbox.net/, so I send this
>   here instead, hoping someone here will know where to resend it for
>   me.  ]

There is no contact mail address.  You should report an issue to the
public issue tracker at https://github.com/milkypostman/melpa/issues.

I doubt that you'll find the maintainer's support, though, but in
either case there is no point in discussing this issue on this list.
The MELPA maintainers likely won't notice.


I think, ultimately this is not an MELPA problem, but a shortcoming of
package.el.  One of many others…

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