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Re: A new name for the state of a set of frames?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: A new name for the state of a set of frames?
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2013 17:12:41 -0400
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>>> Is a single-word name really valuable? How about
>>> frame-layout and window-layout?
>> I wouldn't mind, but then again, "frame-layout" seems the layout of a
>> single frame; same for window-layout. We're back to frame-state,
>> window-state.
> But the current "frame-configuration" doesn't mean the layout of
> a single frame.

Indeed, but as mentioned earlier in this thread, I find these names
confusing, since the natural meaning of frame-configuration, to me, is
"the configuration of a frame", i.e. what we currently call
a window-configuration or window-state.

> IIUC, "frame" here is an adjective.

I know Emacs terminology is sometimes a bit interesting, but...
"frame" be used as an adjective, really?

I'm pretty sure we can do better.


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